Launching our Clubcomm Online Consulting Services


csg is proud to announce the launch of our Clubcomm Online Consulting Services division. This new team has been created specifically to assist our clients in maximizing their ROI with respect to csg's clubbroadCast email marketing and ClubHouseOnline.

The Clubcomm Online Consulting Services team will assist clubs of all sizes accomplish their online marketing goals through the optimized use of email marketing, search engine marketing and their club website. The team will provide clubs with online marketing best practice guidance and assist them with the formulation of an effective communications strategy. This, in turn, will increase retention of members, utilization of club facilities and satisfaction of members, while helping to acquire new members.

The team will also provide recommendations on improving a club’s website layout, navigation, content and general usability, while enabling the website to be easily found on search engines.

The end goal of our Online Consulting Services Division is threefold:
  1. Managing every aspect of a club’s online presence so that it better reflects the club’s image
  2. Improving online accessibility and providing members with a personalized
  3. High quality user experience.

For more information regarding this service, please click here.