Accounts Payable


Devote more time to member service, and less time to dealing with accounts payable issues. clubsystems group's Accounts Payable provides the tools you need to easily manage your club's expenditures. With access to original invoice and check information, you'll support every entry with a clear history. And processing payments and vendor management has never been easier.

Features & Benefits

» Vendors

Set default Vendor information to expedite invoice entry; discount rates, payment terms, multiple General Ledger account distributions (by percent, by amount) including default expense descriptions and more. Specify related fields for purchase/use tax recording, 1099 processing, etc.

» Cash Flow

Keeping a handle on what is due, when it’s due and to whom you owe it is easier when you have a variety of reports and inquires available. Open Payables reports - by Period, by Vendor, by Invoice Date, and various Cash Requirement reports – and easy invoice selection to expedite payments – make managing your cash an easy operation.

» Invoices

Establish multiple AP types to track open expenses by area or department. Use recurring invoice templates, or rely on suggested Vendor defaults to quickly record invoices. Edit by Vendor, Invoice, GL account, payment date or due date as needed.

» Tax Reporting

Properly recording transactions toward reporting of Purchase and Use tax, 1099 disbursements and EDD payments are handled easily and effectively via the Accounts Payable options provided. Annual changes in reporting and tax form presentation are automatically made available each year.

» Disbursements

Establish multiple Cash types to track all disbursements towards reconciliation. Utilize manual check entry, quick check (COD) processing and automatic check generation to efficiently pay your vendors. Positive Pay options to prevent bank fraud are available, and easy check reconciliation makes keeping track of your cash an easy operation.

» Integration

Direct posting to the General Ledger module, and clear and concise integration to the Bank Reconciliation and Purchase Order modules, allows easy analysis of all aspects of your Accounts Payable functions.

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