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Spa Management

The Spa Management module enables you to integrate your wellness operations with your current software system. Whether you are just beginning to offer wellness services or you are running a full service health and spa facility, clubsystems group Spa Management will simplify your daily operations, providing a more relaxing experience for your staff and clients alike.


Features & Benefits

» Manage Your Bookings

Get a bird’s eye view of your spa’s daily bookings by provider, servicecategory, or facility. View additional details, such as client, bookingnumber, service, provider or facility.

» Settle Transactions

Once appointments have been completed, seamless integration to Point of Sale enables your staff to easily settle transactions. Open tickets on behalf of all members/guests, and all associated services will be transmitted to your Point of Sale for settlement.

» Create Bookings

Within the booking detail screen, take reservations on behalf of specific members/guests. Preferences will be displayed allowing you to assign the appropriate provider. The system will automatically assign providers, facilities, and associated resources based on eligibility and availability.

» Commissions and Gratuities

Establish commission plans on behalf of employee groups both with respect to treatments rendered and retail products sold. Once transactions are settled to your Point of Sale, you will have the opportunity to split commissions and/or gratuities among providers involved to ensure an equitable distribution.

» Member Notes

Keep detailed health, booking and internal notes to allow your staff to better cater to your clients’ needs. This ensures awareness of member characteristics relevant to service provision (Allergies, Preferences, etc). Notes will pop up at booking, check-in, or both, depending on user preference

» Reporting

The Spa Management application offers a variety of configurable reports relating to all aspects of your operation. Use reports to plan for future expansion regarding Facility and Provider Occupancy. Supply guests and providers with a detailed outline of their day at the wellness facility.

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