Newsfeeds - 2009

clubsystems group, the Club Industry’s leading provider of software solutions, announces the release of a new, interactive website solution.

csg is proud to announce the launch of our Clubcomm Online Consulting Services division. This new team has been created specifically to assist our clients in maximizing their ROI with respect to csg's clubbroadCast email marketing and ClubHouseOnline.

At csg, we believe in the principal of reciprocity, that good deeds shouldn’t go unnoticed, and most importantly, that we can assist you in achieving success in your business venture. As we embark on a new year, we thank our clients for their continued patronage by introducing the newest advantage of choosing csg as a business partner - the all-new loyalty partner program, “the Advantage” by clubsystems group. As an Advantage partner, we’re giving our clients the financial freedom to enhance their csg user experience with additional licenses on products and e-training sessions. It’s simple and completely free.
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