The Value of Software For Life

Software for Life is more than just 24/7 Support. It’s a fully-encompassing maintenance program that guarantees that your software investment remains as dynamic as your business. You’ll receive:

  • FREE Webinar Training
  • Product Enhancements
  • 24/7 Software Support
  • Online Support
  • Software Documentation
  • Client Communications
  • Client Networking Meetings

About your Maintenance Agreement

As with any good investment, your software should continue to grow, meeting the ever changing needs of your business. It should remain dynamic and protected against time. Our Software for Life Maintenance Policy is our commitment to accommodating the rapidly changing business environment and reflects our continual consideration to the trends and economic realities that impact your daily operations. Unlike other companies which charge for major product upgrades, we do not. Through our Software For Life policy, we guarantee our commitment to enhancing and developing applications that best suit the long term technology needs of our clients.

We are able to offer the Software for Life Promise, in part, by way of the financial stability afforded to us by our parent company, Constellation Software Inc. (CSI). CSI is the 2nd largest software company in Canada and has won prestigious awards, including being named as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies.


Experienced Customer Support 24/7

CSG provides technical support from our in-house Support team, headquartered in PA. The team is comprised of over 20 highly skilled analysts with expertise in accounting, software, and technology, many of whom are cross-trained between a variety of modules. This team, whose average tenure is 10 years, is available 24/7 to ensure that your club receives immediate assistance should a software-related issue arise. We utilize several automation tools to increase the consistency and efficiency of our service, including call tracking.



Your technology solution is extremely powerful, and like any other full-featured software, every user can benefit tremendously from ongoing educational services. Webinars are a convenient option that allow you to obtain training in your place of work without incurring the expense of on-site training. Webinars are excellent tools for new staff, skill updates, or companies that have recently purchased a new facility. On a monthly basis, we offer more than 30 hour long Webinars that compose 7 different educational series - completely free of charge!


Defining clubsystems group's Support Performance

80% of calls receiving support the moment the initial call is placed

65% of issues resolved upon first contact

90% of calls that receive support within 2 hours of their initial ticket entry

90% of issues resolved the same day the support ticket is entered


Client Networking Experiences

At CSG, it is our goal to become both a reliable business partner and an active contributor to your industry and your success. To this end, we facilitate opportunities to share experiences with other users in a particular region, city, or even country either in person or via WebEx teleconferencing. This way, you can be sure your CSG experience will provide much more than just software. These meetings prove mutually beneficial, as the continued education, discussion of industry issues, and security of CSG’s future, allow you to know where we are and allow us to move with you into the future.


Client Communications

Advocating a positive customer experience, unlike many other vendors, CSG employs a full-time Customer Communication Department, which ensures our ability to deploy a robust and fresh communication plan; this way, our clients are always in the know and are continually building their software efficacy. In addition to exclusive promotional offers, nearly 4,000 CSG contacts stay up-to-date by reading our monthly clubsystems group Newsletter, which features our latest Webinar schedule, new product information, tips & tricks, and employee bios. This provides useful tips on how to more effectively utilize your CSG system, examples of how other clubs use CSG to improve their operations, an update on product enhancements and new product releases, and upcoming company and industry events. If you see a communication above that you are not receiving, please notify your Account Manager, and they will be happy to add you to our distribution list.

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