Tradition Drives Our Business

Innovation is led by experience. At clubSystems group, we all share the belief that our future is rooted in the relationships we have established. 45 years of club industry experience has enabled us to develop a unique understanding of what your clubs need. It is this insight that has led us to develop innovative software solutions at every step of the way.

Our Culture

Today, clubSystems group serves over 1200 private and semi-private country clubs around the country. With flexible software solutions designed to streamline business processes, our customers utilize clubSystems group software to improve member services, solve unique business issues and operate their businesses more effectively. Additionally, our commitment to Software for Life ensures that you will be provided with premium services through every stage of our relationship.

Innovation Fuels Our Future

Our 45 years of success has been built on innovation and commitment to delivering the best possible solutions and services for out clients. We have the right plan, the right people and the right attitude to ensure the long term success of our company and our clients.

Join Us On Our Journey

In February 2005, clubSystems group, inc. was acquired by Constellation Software, Inc. of Ontario, Canada and placed under the Jonas Software business umbrella. Jonas software includes three major brands: Jonas Club Management, Smyth Systems, and clubSystems group.

Software For Life Policy

As with any good investment, your software should continue to grow to meet the ever changing needs of your business landscape. It should remain dynamic and protected against time. Our Software for Life Maintenance Policy is our commitment to accommodating the rapidly changing business environment and reflects our continual consideration to the trends and economic realities that impact your daily operations. Unlike other companies which charge for major product upgrades, clubSystems group does not. Once a software license has been purchased, you will never again be required to repurchase that license in order to receive a new version of the module. Through our Software For Life policy we guarantee our commitment to enhancing and developing applications that best suit the long term technology needs of our clients.

We are able to offer the Software for Life Promise, in part, by way of the financial stability afforded to us by our parent company, Constellation Software Inc. CSI is the 2nd largest software company in Canada and has won prestigious awards, including being named as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies.

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