Purchase Orders

With all that goes on day to day, utilize csg’s Purchase Order module to better manage purchasing and inventory control across your property. Use it as a stand-alone module, or integrate with the Accounts Payable or Retail POS modules to eliminate redundant data entry steps.




Define the particulars of how the Purchase Order module will be utilized. Create multiple Areas to track orders, customize unique items for ordering in tandem with existing inventory already established in the Retail POS locations.


Various reports and filters allow you to properly manage outstanding and historical purchase orders within the module. Review open purchase orders, compare variance between orders and receipts, reconcile activity by Vendor, Area or Item, or other custom filters you apply.

Create a Purchase Order

Record purchase orders by Area, noting all items to be purchased, special comments, on-the-fly items, shipping details, taxes, freight, etc. Existing purchase orders may be edited prior to receipt as needed, and printed with a variety of filters to expedite that process.

Receive a Purchase Order

Receive a purchase order via this module, or via the integrated Accounts Payable invoice entry mode or the integrated Retail POS receiving mode. Receive items in full, record partial receipts, or note returns or exchanges as needed.

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