Court Booking

Using the Court Booking module, you can establish specific rights and privileges that are automatically enforced during the booking process, ensuring efficiency and eliminating double bookings.



Privileges Tracking

Privileges can be assigned to member statuses, dues categories or specific members are automatically tracked, and enforced, by the system. These privileges include items such as court fees, advanced booking allowance, and even the number of bookings allowed by a specific member.

Ease of Use

Court Booking has been designed to enable users to easily manage the various processes within the system. Once the booking has been fulfilled, charges can be easily split among players.

Preferences Tracking

Court Booking allows you to track specific preferences for both members and non-members alike. These can include items such as their preferred court type, instructor name, or even instructor gender.

Online Integration

Integrated to your clubsystems group management system through the Court Booking module, our Online Court Booking system enables your members to book courts for themselves, other members, and their guests by way of your ClubHouse Online website.


Court Booking allows a great deal of customization which enables the system to satisfy the specific needs of your club. From creating custom time intervals for your courts, to charge splitting, and even detailed member and guest preferences, every aspect of the system can be easily customized to meet your needs.

Integrated to the Core

Settlement is made easy by way of integration with Point Of Sale, and can either billed directly to members’ accounts, or settled on the spot via cash, debit or credit.

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