Mobile App

Your club’s app is an extension of your club in every way. Branded with your club logo, images, and color scheme, the app can be downloaded from both the Apple and Google Play stores directly to your members phone or tablet.

Manage your online presence from one central hub

In addition to your website and email marketing, all aspects of your Mobile App can be managed from the ClubCentral Hub. Quickly create & edit app content, as well as schedule push notifications all from one central online interface.


A better way to keep your members engaged

All the interactive features of your club website available at the tip of your members’ fingers.

Make a Dining Reservation

Dining Reservations gives your members the ability to quickly make a reservation at any of your club’s dining facilities. To make a reservation members simply select the facility, date, time and party size. They can even add notes to the reservation for special requests.

Register For An Event

Registering for an event while on the go is easy. Members can search for events by date, or they can view a full list of upcoming events at your club. Once they locate their desired event, it’s a simple matter of entering any mandatory information which your club has requested, and completing the registration.

Book a Tee Time

With Tee Times, your members can search for available times, create a booking, and add other members or guests to their booking, all while on the go.

Schedule a Court Booking

Give your members the ability to schedule available court times instantly on their mobile device. With Court booking, members can quickly search for available courts on a preferred date, reserve the desired court time and receive a confirmation email all within a few clicks!

View Statements

Are your staff members often asked to look up account balances for members? If so, Statements is a great way to alleviate these frequent calls while offering your members another great club service. The Statements solution gives your members quick and easy access to their Statements, including chit details, as well as Credit Book, Minimums, and Outstanding Balances.

Search the Club Roster

Keep your members in touch with the Roster app. This simple tool enables your members to quickly search the club roster by name and view contact information which other members have made available. Clicking on email addresses or telephone numbers will prompt your mobile device to create an email or dial the telephone number.

The Power to Make a Difference

Club 311 allows members to alert club staff of any problem that they discover around the club. Problems can include: structural damage, missing equipment, lighting issues, etc. This helps members feel more involved and contributes to their club's well-being.

Accurately track who has visited your club

Members simply tap the app and scan their digital member card at any club scanner for access. Members get a streamlined experience and management can accurately track who has visited the club.

Valet Request

Are members spending too long waiting for their vehicles? Our valet request connects your members directly to your valet from anywhere, allowing them to slip seamlessly from the front door of your club and into their awaiting ride.

Online Ordering

With Online Ordering, your members will have the ability to place a food order from anywhere. Arriving at the club mere minutes before a lesson? Better order a smoothie! Tummy rumbling on the 7th hole? Perfect time to pick up a sandwich at the turn!


Instant communication with your members

Using instant push notifications you’ll never be further away from your members than their mobile phone or tablet. Send targeted alerts based on member type, member status and even messages to individual members!

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