General Ledger

Maintaining a clear understanding of each departments financials is essential to making the right business decisions, and with csg’s General Ledger, you have clear visibility into your operations. The flexibility of the software allows for the creation of custom reports, financial statements, and more, enabling you to review the information you want, in a way which best suits your personal needs.




From the start, the GL is built to your needs and specifications. Define your chart of accounts, design an unlimited number of schedules, select from numerous report formats – or design and build your own. From recurring entry templates to ratios and variances, everything you need is available within this comprehensive module - specific to your needs today, and flexible to match what’s coming tomorrow.

Budgets and Projections

Most budgets are based on historical data, and manually tweaked for the future based on current needs and direction. By utilizing the budgeting tools and account data available – both budget and actual – you can quickly and easily build new budgets (multiple versions per year), and accurately forecast future results based on percentage change or seasonality distribution – for a single account, or multiple accounts simultaneously.

Ease of Use

Whether reviewing entries posted from subsidiary modules, or preparing your own journal entries, it’s easy to account for all activity in a particular period. Use recurring entry templates, reversing entries, prepaid expense allocations, or import entries from a third party application. Refer to your journal master checklist to verify all is posted as intended, and know that you can audit and adjust any fiscal period as applicable.


Use the power of the GL reporting to analyze activity by year, by period, by department, by account across multiple years stored. Flexible schedule designs and multiple on-demand formats available make reporting and analysis a breeze. You can easily export your financial data to Microsoft Excel, too!

Make Decisions

Reviewing your GL data in real-time allows you to react to current activity and better manage your business. Utilize ratio and statistics to measure performance, and make comparisons to budget, current or prior year’s actual amounts to understand where you are and where you’re going. Use the multiple financial formats available to present data in alternative ways to help managers and directors understand trends and projections.


All the processes at a diverse private club ultimately feed into the General Ledger. By seamlessly and automatically accepting all related entries from each csg subsidiary module, and providing unlimited reporting and presentation capabilities, you can easily drill from summary income statement- to detailed invoice by vendor - in just a few clicks. Entries presented in the GL are easily reconciled in the related subsidiary module, and all audit entries are easily supported to aid in that effort each period.

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