Gift Cards

Reward members & guests while generating additional revenue in the $35 billion gift card industry. With an average gift card value of $50, consumers typically spend 20% more than the face value of their card. Use your custom branded Gift Cards at your club's dining and retail facilities to reinforce brand awareness and keep members coming back to your club.



Easy Tracking

Because cards have no value until activated, fraud is significantly reduced. Easily track lost cards or deactivate stolen cards, further protecting you and your members.


Detailed reporting reveals buying habits, trends and outstanding amounts at your finger tips.

Automated Organization

With the centralized Gift Card database in the Point of Sale system, gift card purchases and redemptions are automatically updated giving your club complete automated tracking of all transactions. Receipts keep track of Gift Card numbers and remaining balance after each transaction helping your members stay organized.

Create Additional Business

Gift Cards present another avenue to promote your clubs to members and guests. Tournament winnings, gifts and a safe payment tool for children are great ways to generate additional revenue at your club. Gift cards are a convenient way for your members to fulfill their gift-giving needs, while supporting your club's operations.

Member Convenience

Sell and redeem gift cards at your Food & Beverage and Retail Point of Sales. Easy to reload, gift cards are also ideal for refunds, returns, or rain checks instead of giving cash back or dealing with time-consuming credits.

Reward Employees

Keep revenues within your club by rewarding your employees with gift cards. Nearly two-thirds of all consumers are currently giving or receiving gift cards.

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