Unlike outsourced payroll solutions, managing your clubs own payroll processing gives you the ability to reduce costs and customize your payroll on the fly. With clubsystems group's Payroll application, today's complex payroll requirements are simplified with an easy to use, intuitive, Windows® based application.




Establish multiple companies as needed; create all related department and define all wage types and earnings - hourly, salaried, commission, tips and other as needed. Track multiple pay rates for hourly employees. Specify multiple direct deposit bank accounts per employee. Easily maintain all the necessary State and Local Withholding Tax tables.


Review and retain employee information for as long as you wish. Start in summary and drill down to all details available. Accrue balances for vacation, sick and personal time. Track key dates for hire, termination, rehire. Review supervisor and gender tracking for government usage. For salary review, track last increase date, amount and performance review statistics.


Provides for multiple company payroll processing to secure management from staff, etc. Feel a sense of confidentiality and security by generating pay checks and reports on site vs. remotely. Establish multiple levels of user security to protect employee confidential information. Payroll may automatically link to secured time clock devices to capture hours effectively. The Positive Pay fraud prevention service ensures that payments are made correctly and with no worry of mishandled funds.


Payroll provides over fifty detailed reports including Payroll Audit, Employee/Employer Deductions, Tax Liability, Budget vs. Actual, and Year-End Summary. Review all 401k processing and exports available. Review multiple years of history. The module also includes an easy to use Report Builder for creating custom reports.

Ease of Use

The csg Payroll module allows flexibility of varying pay period cycles: Weekly, Biweekly, Semi Monthly, and Monthly. Automatically import time from FB POS, and import tips from Accounts Receivable. Easy batch processing allows for quick entry of hours and earnings with overrides of rate or department as needed. Payroll provides for automatic calculation of federal, state and local withholding, employer matching funds and unemployment taxes. Easily reprocess pay checks for one or several employees with automatic update of liabilities and reversal of previous entries.


Automatically import time from FB POS or select third party time clocks, and import tips from Accounts Receivable. Payroll journal entries per pay period transfer directly to the General Ledger. Utilize direct deposit for multiple accounts per employee.

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