Dining Reservations

If dining is a focal point of your club, then the entire experience should be a seamless process for your members. The Dining Reservations application allows your members to make reservations online, via their mobile device, or by calling and speaking to one of your staff members. Once their reservation has been made, an automatic email containing reservation information is sent, and your member’s reservation is complete.




Dining Reservations provides a variety of customizations in order to accommodate your club’s specific needs. You can create multiple meal periods, add attributes to tables such as booking a fireplace seating, and even create a dining threshold based on a variety of factors.

Their Reservation, Their Way

Whether your members are traditional, or are more likely to embrace the latest technology, dining reservations can be made online, via their mobile device, or over the phone with one of your staff members.

User Friendly Processing

Processing members within Dining Reservations is a breeze. Once members arrive at your club, they can quickly be checked in, assigned to a table, and a server can create a ticket for them.

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