Introducing "The Advantage" Loyalty Partner Program


At csg, we believe in the principal of reciprocity, that good deeds shouldn’t go unnoticed, and most importantly, that we can assist you in achieving success in your business venture. As we embark on a new year, we thank our clients for their continued patronage by introducing the newest advantage of choosing csg as a business partner - the all-new loyalty partner program, “the Advantage” by clubsystems group. As an Advantage partner, we’re giving our clients the financial freedom to enhance their csg user experience with additional licenses on products and e-training sessions. It’s simple and completely free.

The Advantage of Earning:

This is our way of giving back; earn points for previous csg purchases, and continue to earn points on future purchases. Best of all, there’s no waiting period! Clients can enroll today by calling their account manager at 800-356-4242, and receiving their current point balance.

The Advantage of Spending:

Have you ever considered the impact of the implementation of just one additional, fully-integrated csg module on your club’s operational efficiencies? Have you ever wondered how leveraging your csg system could better satisfy your members and increase their knowledge of club happenings? As a thank you to our clients for years of commitment to us, we’re putting loyalty points toward brand new product licenses and e-training opportunities to transform these visions into realities. Use loyalty points for the full cost or leverage a desired percentage of points as a discount toward these purchases – it’s up to you!

Clients can start using Advantage points today by contacting their Account Manager at or by phone at 800-356-4242. Full terms and conditions apply.