Dennis Linberger
VP - Customer Management
A Certified Customer Service Agent, Dennis Linberger has dedicated his career to serving the private club industry since 1975. Like many of his colleagues, Dennis has left his mark on many roles within the company over the course of his career. Following his first role of Manager of the service bureau for Diamond Management Systems, Dennis’ diligent approach to overcoming clients’ challenges paired with his product expertise led to subsequent positions as Project Manager, Installation Manager, and Customer Support Manager. In 2010, Dennis was promoted to VP of Client Services. Despite his many accomplishments, Dennis is never too busy to impart his vast product and industry knowledge and experience upon his staff and our clients, and always with a good sense of humor. He genuinely enjoys talking to csg product users and helping them resolve their issues to the benefit of their business, and sets a fine example for all that have the privilege to interact with him.