Deposit Slips


  • Prints directly from your ClubSelect AR payment entry
  • Summarizes to one total per check/cash transaction, regardless of how ClubSelect AR has applied the payments (House, Dues, Bond, etc)
  • Prints the activity in the same order as keyed, to help with reconciliation if typing errors occur during data entry
  • Saves time for what otherwise is a manual process to fill out a deposit slip
  • Includes both checks and cash to be deposited
  • Includes AR payments for members, as well as Miscellaneous Cash entries
  • Eliminates possible transposition errors by using data consistent with the AR module


Q) Do I need to purchase any software to process Deposit Slips?
A) Deposit Slips print directly from ClubSelect AR Payment Entry, and is available with v. or higher.

Q) How does the system distinguish checks versus cash for purposes of the deposit slip?
A) The payment revenue codes within ClubSelect AR may be categorized as Check or Cash; similarly, when posting entries to Miscellaneous Cash entry, you may distinguish whether the entry is from a Check or received in Cash.

Q) How do I obtain Deposit Slips that include my club and bank account information?
A) csg can provide the Deposit Slip form, including your club’s specific information along with MICR coding so that the bank may accept the Deposit Slip directly. For an estimate of cost, contact us today to Request A Quote.

Q) Must I purchase Deposit Slips in order to utilize the feature within ClubSelect AR Payment Entry?
A) No, the software will print a Deposit Slip on plain paper if preferred

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