Gift Cards


  • Gift cards are printed on 30 mil plastic
  • Gift cards promote the clubs brand giving your club free additional marketing
  • Gift cards increase sales via the referral from the card purchaser to the card recipient
  • Gift cards can be used as rewards for events
  • Card users typically spend 20% more than the face value of their card


Q) Do gift cards work in Retail and Food & Beverage
A) Yes, gift cards will work in Retail and Food & Beverage. In fact a card that is purchased in the golf shop can be used in the dining room or vice versa.

Q) How do gift cards work
A) Each card is assigned a unique number, this card number is then entered into the system with the amount of funds the end user requested. The system will track the transactions as the card is used.

Q) How much do gift cards cost?
A) Prices will vary depending upon the quantity. Please contact us for a quote.

Q) Do I need additional software?
A) Yes, you will need the gift card module installed but it is included in the “Software for Life” agreement. One of our installers can implement the software remotely for $150.00 per hour (approximately 4 hours to complete the installation) or they can install the software on site for $150.00 per hour plus travel expenses.

Q) Do I need additional hardware?
A) Possibly, if you want to swipe the card to read the card number then you will need to purchase a card reader.

Q) Will my existing card readers work?
A) Possibly, some readers are programmed to read credit cards only and obviously these will not read a gift card.

Q) Do I have to use a card reader for gift cards?
A) No, you can manually input the gift card number into the system.

Q) How long does it take to receive gift cards?
A) From the date you approve your proof and provide all of the necessary information to place your order (Quantity, Colors, Starting Number, etc.) it will take approximately 3 weeks..

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