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Online Solutions

Feature rich Online Services are the best way to extend the reach of your club beyond it's walls. Personalized and outomated emails reach out and engage your members, while features such as Online Tee Time Booking, Statements, Payments, and even Social Networking are all designed to make their lives easier - not to mention relieve additional workload from your club staff. Dynamic online services such as these deliver automation, communication, and an added sense of community. Your members have invested in you - why not invest in them?


Mobile App

Allow your members to book tee times, register for events, and make reservations from the convenience of their mobile device.

Clubhouse Online e3

ClubHouse Online e3 represents a fundamental shift in the way clubs can utilize their website to automate staff processes, increase communication and build a sense of community among your members.

ClubHouse Online Email Marketing

ClubHouse Online Email Marketing delivers an easy to use, automated way to communicate with members and prospects alike. Not only can you easily edminister all of your club's email communications, you can also manage all of your social media tools from this one easy to use system.


The automated E-Backup system provides your club the ability to completely restore your entire csg system, including installed programs and the files associated with them, in the event of a disaster.

ClubHouse Online E-Payments

With E-Payment Services your members will be able to pay their bills online in a secure and simple manner. This new service will enable your club to reduce lag time between billing and payments.