E-Backup is more than just a data warehouse most commonly offered by other companies. Our service provides your club the ability to completely restore your entire csg system including installed programs and the files associated with them. Additionally, this backup process is completely automated without any human intervention and can be restored with very little effort.


Features & Benefits

» Cost Effectiveness

csg's E-Backup service is the most cost-effective backup/restore solution for enterprise customers. The overall cost of backup/restore is considerably lower than it is with traditional and often fallible, tape-based backup systems.

» Dependable Protection

Tape schedules can routinely be disrupted by tape drive failure, capacity issues and manual errors. csg's E-Backup services’ sophisticated scheduling capabilities ensure that backups occur automatically, 365 days a year, without any operator intervention.

» Shorter Restoration Time

The ability to restore files rapidly saves time and money reducing any operational downtime. IT personnel are seldom, if ever, needed. The local system administrator, or even users themselves, can usually restore a lost file in seconds.

» Peace of Mind

With csg's E-Backup service, all business-critical data is always properly stored in a secure manner off site. This provides continuous protection against business interruptions caused by fire or power failures, natural disasters or even hacker attacks.

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