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Banquets & Catering

Keeping events well organized and on track ensures a great experience for your members and guests. With csg's Banquets & Catering, you and your staff can easily manage rooms, resources, reservations and all of your other event needs. Plus, integrated Windows® commands make it easy to learn and even easier for your staff to use.

Features & Benefits

» Customization

Establish all rooms, areas, items, and inventoried sundry items. Create default menus, timelines, staff instructions by event type. Customize all defaults specific to an event as needed, or create an event from scratch. BEO/Function Sheets may be selectively tailored to member or staff presentations, with direct download to Microsoft Word or Outlook.

» Event Management – Staff

Define Tasks and Instructions for Staff via Comments, Follow-Up and Checklist with reminders. Print BEO/Function Sheet without pricing or personal information of guest. Define Events Payment Deposit Terms and track Deposit Received on account. Manage Inventory Requirements by Date Range for Events. Follow-up reports for Today (Daily Tasks) or by Date Range for management and staff. Assign labor to events to manage overall costs.

» Calendar

Use the Calendar View to create or access events by Year, Month or Day, or use the quick search and select a specific event based on known criteria. Set Closed Days and Rooms to prevent booking. Clone recurring events (Rotary, Ladies Bridge, Board Meetings, etc.). Generate Monthly Events Calendar, Daily Event and Weekly Event Listings. Mark all events in a single source as inquiry, hold, confirmed and avoid missed opportunities and duplicate bookings.

» Reporting

Print deposits report to track deposits due, deposits received and those past due. Analyze projected Income in Summary or Detail by Month, Event Type, and Rooms. Review Sales Reports in Summary, by Class, Menu Categories, Menu Mix by Volume or Dollars. Understand lost opportunities via the Log Lost Business report. Track room usage, user events created (quotas) and event maintenance via the audit reports available.

» Event Planning – Customer

Customize menus, sundries, and time lines specific to the needs of your guest. Generate function sheets, confirmation letters, invoices and thank-you letters automatically via print or email. Track daily checklists by all events to keep on top of pre-event tasks. Manage deposits. Create Export Templates for use with 3rd party software (Word, Excel, etc). Automatically link external documents like contracts, vendor guidelines, and guest policies.

» Integration

Call on the member demographics from AR for Member events; automatically add new accounts for non-member events. Track sales for member and non-member statistics. Handles all deposits properly to AR and GL, and allows for proper tip or gratuity distribution by event. Invoicing completed posts directly to AR w/ allocation of deposits received, thru to GL. Easily interacts with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel.

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