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ClubPay Outsourced Payroll

ClubPay Outsourced Payroll

ClubPay is a sister company of clubsystems group offering best of class solutions for payroll outsourcing, integrated HR management, time and attendance, biometric time clocks, compliance tools and online applicant tracking. All solutions seamlessly communicate with each other and are customized to meet the unique requirements of the club industry. ClubPay solutions are flexible and can scale to meet the needs of any size club, from 25 to over 1,000 employees.

ClubPay Full Service Payroll Processing

ClubPay offers a refreshing alternative to the big box, non-specialty payroll providers that try to apply a one size fits all payroll strategy to clubs. ClubPay is a full service payroll processing and tax filing solutions provider which is specifically tailored for the private club industry.

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ClubHR Human Resource Management and Compliance

In order to effectively run a club, informed decisions must be made every day which involve the management of employees. Clubs take on the same risk as larger companies, but often do not have access to the same HR management resources and tools. To address this need, ClubHR offers a bundle of strategic, cost effective human resources compliance tools designed to meet the most common needs of clubs.

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ClubTime Labor Management

ClubTime enables your club to consistently apply time and attendance polices, eliminate time theft, minimize overtime and provide critical exception alerts to club management. With the ClubTime Labor Management System, your club can be assured hours worked are accurately tracked and automatically uploaded to payroll.

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ClubApplicant Hiring and Application Management

For most clubs, identifying and hiring the right people is one of the factors most critical to success. ClubApplicant provides you with a custom careers site, an automated Internet job posting system and a way to implement applicant management through a systematic, predictable hiring process. ClubApplicant helps you hire better, smarter and faster.

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