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clubsystems group's Retail Point Of Sale system offers a variety of ways for your staff to decrease manual processes, and work within a customized environment. Integrated with Credit Card Processing and ClubSelect Accounts Receivable, the clubsystems group Retail Point Of Sale system creates a better overall member experience at your club.

Features & Benefits

» Customization

Completely customizable Point-of-Sale screen by workstation allows different layouts based on need (counter, starter, Golf vs. Tennis, etc.). Multiple levels of security may be established to ensure proper maintenance and utilization. Establish price levels for members and guests. Complete inventory using vendor coding or system coding.

» Inventory

Establish a perpetual inventory that provides instantaneous status via purchases and sales; use bar code labels, scanners and data collectors to speed sales and inventory stock take each month; optionally process mid-month inventory to keep abreast of values.

» Point of Sale

View member custom demographics and related information to facilitate service. Utilize the tournament billing, prepaid series, packages and rentals to manage events and billings quickly and easily. Manage the members’ store credit balance, and sell and manage gift cards. Utilize any form of tender including member charge, cash, store credit, gift card/certificate with automatic credit card verification available.

» Reporting

Utilize dozens of pre-defined reports with customizable filters. Save filtered criteria on frequently used reports for repeat usage. Automatically schedule End of Day reports needed for audit. Track rounds played by member/guest, sales by volume or price, inventory analysis and reconciliation, guest activity and more.

» Members & Guests

View member custom demographics and related information to facilitate service. Set play limitations for members based on classification, or for guest play. Track non-member guest information for marketing as prospective members. Establish automatic price levels for members vs. guests, and track rounds played by members vs. guests. Reference the members’ store credit balance or gift card balance.

» Integration

Staff view related member demographics and preferences; POS transactions post directly to the members’ accounts in Accounts Receivable; check details from related member charges appear via the CHO E3 web statements online, so members can view their activity in detail; Tee Time Management reservations generate POS tickets at time of check-in; Receiving may utilize the Purchase Order module to reconcile purchases received; automatic credit card validation.

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