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Tee Time Management

clubsystems group's Tee Time Management system allows your pro shop staff to easily manage Bookings, Course Rules, Lotteries, Reports, and more, providing them with more time to focus on what is most important - servicing your members.

Features & Benefits

» Customization

Customizable Tee Sheet configuration by course, time intervals, type of event. Set open and closed dates, and the number of days before available. Set restrictions and play limitations for any of your members based on classification. Create add-ons such as caddy, cart fee, guest fee and more. Set seasonal rules that are invoked automatically by date.

» Communication

Tee Time Inquiry screen allows for easy viewing of past and future reservations, for any of your members. Allow members to create and utilize buddy lists to facilitate member engagement. Send an automatic email confirmation upon receipt of a reservation, a reminder for a future reservation, or cancellation email due to weather, etc.  Capture guest information and utilize via marketing efforts to recruit new members.

» Reservations

Easily make a tee time reservation in seconds; automatically syncs with the on-line tee sheet available via the CHO E3 website. Set restrictions and play limitations for any of your members based on classification, or allow a lottery for specific dates and times. The inquiry view allows for easy viewing of past and future reservations for all or specific members. Send an email confirmation, or a reminder or cancellation for future reservations.

» Reporting

Review and analyze over one hundred built in reports such as golf course revenue, number of rounds played and many more. Focus on guest play vs. member play by class. Track weather patterns in support of activity and utilization. Schedule desired daily reports to automatically print at close of business.

» Point of Sale

The check-in process automatically links to Retail POS with details of the reservation, and allows for adding of additional items as needed. Close out a reservation to a single member/guest, or individually or in combination based on need. Utilize any form of tender including member charge, cash, store credit, gift card/certificate with automatic credit card verification available.

» Integration

There is real time integration between Tee Time Management (desktop) and Tee Times Online (via CHO E3 online reservations). Staff view related member demographics and preferences;  Tee Time Management reservations generate POS tickets at time of check-in; POS transactions post directly to the members’ accounts in Accounts Receivable; check details from related member charges appear via the CHO E3 web statements online, so members can view their activity in detail.

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