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- Susan Lyle, President

"I am very happy with the CSG support team! Every time I call I always get a quick response, and everyone is always so helpful. "

Brian Long, GM | Clove Valley Rod & Gun Club

"Hi Kevin,

I want you to know that Mary has been a HUGE help to me!! She has done a great job understanding what data I need and helping to build the reports.

Thank you!!"

Jacqueline M. Morr, GM/Controller | Mory’s Association

"Good afternoon Lisa,

I just wanted to take a moment to hand out some well deserved kudos!! As you know, we have been going through the process of upgrading our software and adding a new “department” to our current accounting processes. We have added a POS system to our other site, and I felt the need to address our support from Club Systems, as it has been stellar. Diane Santilli is the person that has aided us in our POS systems at both properties. She is knowledgeable and efficient in her position which has made me (someone who knows nothing about the POS) feel very confident about what to do and who to call when I need help. On top of being very professional, Diane is pleasant and fun to be around. She made me feel at ease right away, and I really enjoyed getting to know her and working with her. These types of system changes can be very stressful and difficult to navigate, but Diane made it all seem so simple and easy that there was never a moment when I felt concern. It was my pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to meet Diane, and I hope that I will get the chance to work with her again in the near future. Thank you, Lisa, for assigning our POS upgrade/training to Diane, as we have truly benefited from her visit."

Mindy Mills, Office Manager | Meadowbrook Country Club

"Good morning, ladies,

I just wanted to let you know how smoothly things have gone this week with our conversion to ClubSelect. I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better than it has! Ty has been incredible and his expertise, planning and preparation have yielded an easy transition for my staff.

I want to let you know how tirelessly he has worked on this for us and how wonderful his training skills and interpersonal skills with the staff are! He has showed each of us ways to do things better, more efficiently and easier, and that adds value to our operations here. We are billing our statements today with the new program and we expect it to go smoothly as well!

I just wanted to extend my thanks to both of you for assisting us with making this happen, and to let you know how great of a job Ty is doing (although I know you know it already!). It has been our privilege to work with him this week!

I hope you have a great day and a wonderful holiday season!"

Kathy Stewart | Richland Country Club

"Mr. Linberger,

I am contacting you to express my sincere appreciation and satisfaction with Jane Landis for her hard work and dedication to the completion of a recent and extensive project. Several months ago, our Club Treasurer asked me to design a report with Club Systems according to his very specific details. From day one Jane has worked many hours to design our custom report to the exact degree in which our Treasurer requested. This process involved many drafts and re-design at the request of our Treasurer. In asking Jane who I might reach out to share my satisfaction, Jane was quick and thoughtful enough to make sure that I knew her fellow employee Sue Fee had also been helping her with this project. Jane is obviously a team player in addition to a great employee. I hope that Jane and Sue can be recognized for their great service! "

Charlie Schuyler, PGA | Head Golf Professional | Rehoboth Beach Country Club

Dear Ms. Lyle,

Life is busy and so often we forget to acknowledge good work or take time to appreciate another's efforts. It's not because people are not deserving of praise, it's simply because we get busy.

Please let me take this moment to acknowledge one of your staff, Lynnette in payroll support.

She is knowledgeable, gives clear direction, and a great support. She has commendable service and contagious attitude. Please let me pat her on the back, thanks Lynnette!

Janie Sears | Front Office | Quail Creek Country Club

Mr. Linberger,

I would like to give Mable a huge recommendation of excellence. We had been experiencing some printer issues in our kitchen that were slowing productivity. Mable had the patience to deal with me - she made me feel comfortable while working with me and she fixed the issue quickly. Again, I want to say that Mable is an AWESOME technician and to thank her for all of her efforts while working with me.

Mike Simms | Managed PC Support - Decision One

Charlie Schuyler , the new golf professional at Rehoboth Beach CC, wanted to talk with Markita’s manager yesterday. So I picked up the call and after I introduced myself, Charlie went on to say how helpful Markita has been with them during the changes the transitions they have been going though at the club. I thanked him for the nice words on behalf of Markita, and promised I would also on pass this on to the other managers in the company as well as our President.

This is the 3rd time this week (!) where the customer has either in words or email expressed their satisfaction for the csg staff in customer support. Thank you Markita

Dennis | VP, Customer Management | csg

Good morning Lisa,M

We did our file server migration yesterday and Eddie contacted Eric and he installed and migrated all the information that he needed to do. I want to take this opportunity to let you know, that although we have always been very pleased with our support with CSG, that Eric was absolutely GREAT!! We thought in the beginning that there would be a problem, but, he was able to get a fix on it and from there on everything went very well. He stayed on the line with Eddie the whole time and even when we had to go downstairs to another part of the building he waited on us.

I wanted to let you know that we are so happy with everything and look forward to getting upgraded to ClubSelect in August or September. If the trainer that we get to do that is half as good as what Eric did, we will be in good hands.


Brenda C. Childress | Office Manager/Membership Director | Piedmont Club

Hello Ty,

I have confirmed you to go back to Tripoli CC to provide new staff re-training in CSAR and some ‘fine tuning’ in Catering. Leslie was ecstatic that she was able to get them to approve the time to have you return. She sang your praises for a good 10 minutes……”loved him, magnificent, fantastic, so knowledgeable” . Both she and Mr Coffey are very thankful that you are able to come back.

She is very excited !!!!

Lisa Milcarsky | Project Manager | clubsystems group, inc.

Good Morning Jeannie,

Hope you are having a great summer and all is well with you. Could you send me the schedule of the latest webinars?

Also I have been wanting to tell you about one of the support gals you have on staff. Her name is Lisa. She is fantastic. I know when I get her on the phone, I will get my issue taken care of. She is so pleasant and patient and also follows up and makes sure the issue has been rectified. Don’t know who her supervisor is, but could you pass this on?

Thank you!

Sue | Controller | Saint Andrews South CC

Mr. Stout,

I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to tell you how friendly and efficient the Clubsystems Support staff is. I have been the General Manager at Midvale Country Club for the past twelve years, purchasing your first windows based POS and ACCOUNTING software.

While I was very impressed with the system set up and training that you provided at the time of purchase, I often wondered how consistent your support would be.

Over the past twelve years, I have had to call support for power outages, systech box failures, printing problems and probably a few other reasons. Each time I have walked away very satisfied with your resolution and support.

Over the past few years, I have remembered talking with one of the specific support staff, Lysa Wong, and I must tell you she is amongst the BEST at resolving our computer issues. I just wanted to reach out and share this as my expectations are quite lofty, and I know how satisfied I have been under sometimes pressure situations.

Please thank the support team – and especially Lysa - for their beyond-the-expectation service.

Richard Marr | General Manager

Hi Dave,

I just spoke to Marie at SBYC and she gave you rave reviews. She said the training went very well and that you did a great job.

Thanks so much, you are really doing wonderful things!

Gary | Account Manager | csg

Hi Sue & Dennis,

I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate Steve Kurth, Jane Landis, Alan Frank and Sue Fee.

Thanks for letting us call on them directly, They are the best. They know Bay Hill. They know us.

Bill is always saying it’s the people who make the product, and your system is good, but the people who support it are excellent!

It is such a pleasure to work them and no, none of them paid me to tell you this. LOL

You should be very proud of your staff!

Susan Ferguson | CHTP


First, we really liked Sandy our trainer and enjoyed her being here. She was really good. She called last Friday to check on us and I told her we were fine. We certainly appreciate everything that you and all of the CSG people do for us. We always get good support when we need it and you all work very diligently with us to help get things up and going. Again, thanks for everything you guys have done and we certainly appreciate all of you.

Brenda | Controller | The Piedmont Club

It seems that I am always complaining, so I want to pass on some very positive information. We have recently been having problems with our server and systech box. It seems to always happen on a weekend. The response time from support has been excellent and the person responding has been very knowledgeable and able to help us and get us restarted. It was great to see.

Burt | GM | Century Country Club

Linda, Karen, Lysa, and Diane are just a few representatives I am familiar with at Club Systems. I completed a survey yesterday but I wanted to let you personally know these ladies are top notch when it comes to customer service, knowledge, etc. I can’t express my gratitude to them enough for all the help they have given me since I have been on board with CCC (which was in May of this year). I had absolutely no training with the program and came in to learn it on my own. With the help of these fine ladies I have been able to do more than any other person in the past in this office. I offer kudos to the Club Systems team for their professionalism and their support.

Warm Regards,

Samantha Strauss | Office Manager

Mr. Linberger,

I want to give a special thank you to Markita for helping us get through a difficult moment here at the DuPont Country Club. Her great customer service skills speak volumes about the service excellence of your company. I just wanted you to let you know how she dealt with our issue with a calm assurance that our issue would be resolved. She should be commended for all her efforts.

Thank you for having such a dedicated staff and please thank Markita again for me for all of her patience and service excellence.

Michael Simms | Decisioneone /DuPont Country Club

Hi Kelly,

Dennis and I were at a NJ controller’s association dinner last night, and Bernadette from Beacon Hill CC mentioned how much she enjoys working with you in particular.

It was great to hear such praise, especially when others that are present also hear about what great service and staff our clients enjoy.

So, thank you for your ongoing efforts towards our clients’ overall satisfaction!


Michael R. McCleary | Vice President - Sales & Services

To: Jeannie Vanover
Subject: Steve Kurth
Importance: High

I want to express a Kudos to Steve Kurth (I think that was his last name). He helped me today with a very important task. I can’t say how much his expertise and professionalism played a big role in getting our issues not only resolved but answered as well. Please let him know our gratitude for a job well done!!!

Warm Regards,

Samantha Strauss | Office Manager


Dear Diane,

Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work these last 3 days…you are patient and kind, and worked in a professional manner at all times. Mike, Sam and I feel confident that, with time (OK, A LOT of time) that we will make you proud.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 29th…

Lorena and Mike Acerra | Plandome Country Club

Metedeconk National is a user of CSG POS Retail and Dining and also AR Club Select. We recently changed to a new server, during which we contacted CSG support many times. A particularly helpful experience was with Mabel Philip. We were adding an expeditor printer and between this being a new feature for us and the new server, were struggling to get it working. Mabel worked diligently to trouble shoot our issue and saw it through to completion in a very professional and helpful manner. She is to be commended for her work.

Kindly ensure that this email is brought to the attention of her supervisor and manager. Metedeconk appreciates a job well done!


I have been a csg software user for 10 years now.

Everyone has helped me over the years at CSG, but I especially want to acknowledge MARY SMITH (My hero!) and Diane Santilli – so glad she is back!

Candyce Hoyt | Silvermine Country Club

Mr. Linberger:

Just a quick not to inform you of good service provided to me. Mable spent some time yesterday helping us through a difficult software situation in our Pro Shop. She displayed competence and patience; a great combination indeed!

Michael Platt | Controller | Woodland Golf Club

Hi Dennis,

Diane Santilli helped us with setup related to the Sales Tax changes effective 7/1/12. She was very professional, knowledgeable, through and helpful regarding the POS, Catering and Accounting packages. She went the extra mile to insure everything was working together in harmony regarding the integration of all modules.


Larry Partyka | Controller | Elgin Country Club


Thank you for all your sizeable effort and follow up to my opportunity. Your team did a remarkable job in helping us with our pro shop ownership transition on such short notice.


John M. Waldron | CCM | Country Club of Mobile

Your support is fantastic and most helpful!

Dottie Niles | Elkview Country Club

Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for sending me Diane. She was a true angel and really helped us to make everything work. She’s a great problem solver and really easy to understand. This has been a very stressful time (merging two clubs into one) and I finally feel that we are getting a handle on it thanks to her. I give her 4 stars for service.

I will be in touch with future projects once the dust settles a little.

Sandra Gervais | The Graduate Club / Quinnipiack Club | New Haven, CT

I love our new Food & Beverage POS and so do the servers…David is a great trainer! Can I have him back next summer, as we are planning our upgrade to ClubSelect?

Julie Lyon | Controller | Hole In The Wall


Ty was super!! We hit on so many issues and questions that I had come across. His knowledge, attitude, and helpfulness are superb! As he answered one question, I would find another – sometimes off that topic and onto another and he completely went with my train of thoughts and gave me the answers I needed. All of my issues have been resolved - on to the next chapter!

Marie Lough | University Park Country Club

Everything that we accomplished with our recent Food & Beverage POS audit has been a positive improvement, and things that the club needed. Revised screen layouts, and bar and kitchen prep printing are the biggest improvements. I do not know how the club operated their FB operations without the things that the trainer suggested! Thank you for all the help!

Mark Scharhag | Bowling Green Country Club


I was recently on-site at Wethersfield Country Club doing some training, and I just wanted to share with you that Angela simply raved about Karen Whisman, Alan Frank and Markita Foster from our support staff. She said that they are fantastic, and always helpful! It was nice to hear ...

Diane Santilli | Systems Integrator and Trainer


Lisa Milcarsky did a wonderful job preparing us for the training with the pre-install packets. David Tempesta did a great job training our employees and member volunteers in the various modules. And John Sanders was very helpful with getting our forms designed and delivered.

On to phase two for Point of Sale!

Eugene Donofrio | Galilee Beach Club

Dear Dennis,

I hope this email finds you well. Most recently we have had several problems due to corrupted files, etc. We wanted to let you know that Alan Frank has always gone above and beyond in every situation. He never takes a short cut and is also very patient with us! Please pass this message along to management.

Best Regards,

Cindy Ertner | Llanerch Country Club

I just wanted to take a minute to express my appreciation for Diane Santilli. I recently completed a training week with her at the Galilee Beach Club in Narragansett, RI. It was a pleasure to work with such an experienced operator and someone with true life skills in the hospitality industry. I have been working with point of sale machines for 15 years, and she is certainly the best hands-on trainer I have ever met.

My experience with clubsystems group has been a great one. More companies like yours need employees like Diane.

Kevin Millonzi | Millonzi Fine Catering at Galilee Beach Club


Gina Talarico from Farmington Woods called me today to offer words of praise on behalf of Lynnette Harrison. Gina used words like proactive, knowledgeable, outstanding employee, amazing, pleasure to deal with in regard to her dealings with Lynnette.

Dennis Linbgerger | VP - Customer Management

Last week we experienced what I thought was to be a disaster with our system. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assigning Mary Smith to resolve our problem and to let you know what a wonderful job she did, and has always done in the past, to help us resolve all issues at hand.

We are beyond grateful to Mary for all her help and support. She always goes above and beyond and we just wanted to express our sincerest appreciation for all that she does for us.


Donna Bucia | Riverton Country Club

Mr. McCleary,

Last week Diane Santilli braved our excruciating weather and came out to train our team on our new Retail POS package.

I wanted to extend to you my deepest appreciation of her services. We had many IT issues outside of your company’s concern, yet she was professional and patient as we waded through our issues and got where we needed to be. She trained us efficiently, effectively and fully despite my company’s change in the schedule numerous times.

She was intelligent, professional and just a pleasure to have as a representative of your firm. Diane clearly confirms my original view of your company - VERY responsive, friendly, professional and a necessity to our club.

Joyce Jensen | Lake Forest Club


I cannot say enough good things about Diane Santilli. Thank you for sending us an “A” team player. She was the type of communicator that I would like to have on my team. She is knowledgeable and willing to walk us through the processes with the rare ability to deal with all our styles.

Thanks again!

Kevin Earl | Cold Springs Golf Club


I just wanted to take the time to give kudos to your support staff. Rob Bushnell and his staff have been great throughout the entire process. They are quick to respond, very knowledgeable and have been extremely helpful. The support staff, especially Lisa Gohr and Ely Wong, has been wonderful.

I think it is important to recognize a job well done and these employees have exceeded my expectations.


Thomas J Serino | General Manager/Chief Operating Officer | Ellington Ridge Country Club
To: Jeannie Vanover
Subject: Recent Training


Having Sandy Dover here was great – her training refreshed a lot for me! You and Sandy are a real asset to clubsystems group - always willing to do what it takes to keep us going!

Thank you,

Donna Doan, | Human Resource Director | Dunedin Golf Club


I just wanted to take some time to give my praises to Diane Santilli. She was awesome. Everyone loved her and she did a great job getting us up and running with the new pool. She fit in great here and hopefully we can have her back again. We will certainly ask for her when we need someone in the future.

Thanks for sending her.

Phil Wallace | Chandler IT/Memphis Country Club


When you speak with clubsystems, could you tell them how pleased we were with the service we received from Elisa Wong. My interactions with the personnel at clubsystems have always been good, however, Elisa was exceptional. I have been lucky enough to have her assist me twice and both times she was very good and followed up until everything was solved. I am very happy we chose clubsystems.

Tracy Kubricky | Membership & Communications Chair | Galilee Beach Club, RI

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that our training went very well this week and Diane Santilli was amazing. It was a pleasure to work with someone as nice and outgoing as her. She was very knowledgeable and informative, and Kim and I both benefited from the training immensely. Diane is obviously a great asset to your Company, and we would welcome her back here anytime in the future. She kept us smiling all week!

Thank you all for your help in making this upgrade go as smoothly and seamless as possible. We are very excited to finally be upgraded to ClubSelect!

Christina Mamone | Westchester Country Club