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ClubComm Online Consulting

Work directly with our team of experts to fully optimize every aspect of your Website & Email Marketing Program. You can also choose from a range of preselected packages or cherry-pick services for a custom package to meet your needs.

Want better performance from your website? We do that.
Looking for a whole new website? We do that too.

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Page Design

The importance of the words and images used in your page’s content cannot be overstated. Page content is the reason people visit your site. Keeping it fresh and frequently updated will bring your viewers back again and again. The key to content lies in the 3 R’s. Content must always be Rich, Relevant and Revised.

Photo Galleries

The look and feel is integral to establishing your site's individual brand identity. The use of images such as stills, photographs or brochure scans in our Lightbox Gallery will enhance your site's visual impact. We will ensure your photos showcase your club in the best possible light.

Web Forms

Obtain live, quantifiable feedback directly from your visitors on almost anything. Web forms can be used to allow your visitors to submit official requests for the use of your club`s facilities. They can also streamline the acquisition of required information. Let ClubComm build your next web form for you.

Course Tours & Scorecards

Course Tours are created using our existing e3 document type or utilizing custom coding to match your requirements. We will manually resize and touch-up all images as well as input course information and a description for each golf hole.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves formatting content to improve your site's performance in organic search results. ClubComm's SEO service ensures that your content is easily indexed by search engines, driving more traffic to your site and increasing the visibility of your brand.

Consulting Services

We provide help with setting up Google Webmaster Tools, Google Places, including the submission of a sitemap. We also aid with Google Analytics, goal conversion set-up, and analytics tracking.


Sign up for one of our 'Best Practices' webinars and we will show you how to create your own content. We also feature helpful tips for content creation every month on our 'Tuesday Tips & Tricks' webinar.

Custom Email Templates

Branded, customized email templates are great ways to keep your members involved with your club's events and happenings. They are an easy way to highlight any upcoming events at your club and foster a sense of community with your members. The Email Template can be designed to match the look and feel of your website for cohesive branding.

Email Automation

Ability to set up criteria to automatically send an email to specified groups of contacts. For example, sending a statement reminder email to your membership. Or setting up a series of emails to automatically send during the duration of your membership drive.

Custom Graphics

Custom-made banners to display at the top of emails for easy swapping.

Email Creation

Assistance with creating and composing an HTML version email. Can be designed with or without the use of a template.

Email Webforms

Includes the set-up, design and styling of webforms. Webforms provide a powerful way to sign-up new contacts, collect information from existing/future contacts, and allow your contacts to easily manage their preferences.

Contact Management

Set up of dynamic lists of contacts which can be grouped together by criteria. Contacts will automatically move on and off segments based on whether or not they match the specified criteria. We can also help set up static groups of contacts. Contacts will be placed into a list manually and can only be removed manually, or if a contact unsubscribes from your list.

Campaign Management

This will include the creation of a delivery group to better manage a series of messages in a promotional life-cycle. Aggregate reporting provided will help spot trends, anomalies, and help provide insight into which messages are performing best.